What is Rolfing®

Rolfing® is a manual and movement therapy that promotes structural and functional changes by freeing the body of pain, tension, and other limitations. Rolfing® aids in injury prevention and recovery, optimizes physical and mental performance, and helps improve posture and flexibility. Dr. Ida P. Rolf, an American biochemist and the founder of Rolfing®, designed the system as a way to deeply manipulate and reorganize fascia (connective tissue). Dr. Rolf’s primary discovery was that these tissues in the body, which develop strain patterns, could be reformed by an intelligent use of manipulation to separate and lengthen these thickened areas in the body.

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Learn more about Rolfing at the Rolfing Institute website.

What to expect

Rolfing® has a reputation for being painful but broader ranges of techniques are now used, allowing the body to change at a more appropriate rate. However, when working in areas where tissue may present resistance or tension, some transitory discomforts may occur. Learning how to relax and not hold tension in the body is an ongoing benefit of Rolfing®, therefore, I will work in such a way that respects your level of comfort.

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Sports how & who it helps

Athletes push themselves, train hard, and are at a constant battle to find balance in their bodies and improvement in their performance. The repetitive strain that comes from athletic exercise has a great impact on the body. Improving biomechanical efficiency by eliminating restrictions in the body, Rolfing® can aid in injury prevention, alleviate joint pain, and restore flexibility. Many professional and Olympic athletes have found that Rolfing® enhances performance and reduces recovery time for sport related injuries.

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"You always have to do something to prepare yourself for the next game. I’m staying on top of it with Rolfing."

Golden Tate

Detroit Lions Wide Receiver

"As a veteran NFL lineman, I've come to understand the value of being proactive about my body and I'm constantly telling the younger guys that they need to start investing in their body before they feel like they need it. So I'm always looking for new ways to help extend my career and get my body back to being ready for the next game. Rolfing Structural Integration gives me that edge."

Frank Omiyale

Seattle Seahawks Offensive Tackle

“I am such a fan and a huge advocate of Rolfing! It’s all about the “fascia”, brain, core, heart and mindset. I feel like the best is yet to come and it will come because of my work in those key areas.”

Kerri Walsh

Beach Volleyball Olympic Gold Medalist

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Ten Series

Rolfing® is often applied in the form of a 10-series, the goal of which is to systematically balance and optimize both the structure and function of the whole body. These ten sessions are typically spaced 1-2 weeks apart.

Although working on a specific area usually creates temporary relief, the alignment issues creating that pain will often cause the problem to arise again. By realigning the entire structure over the course of 10 sessions, Rolfing® creates long-term health as a more permanent solution to pains or imitations.


With certification through the National Academy of Sports Medicine, we now offer personal training services to help you overcome those compensation patterns and improve your physical health.

about my practice

Sincere care and concern for my condition is genuine! Lacie wants me feeling better just as much as I do. Her descriptions of what my body is doing and should be doing is informative and educational. It helps me to hear the explanations because I can then alter or adjust the way I move (or my stillness). My favorite outcome from these Bodyworks Rolfing visits is that I no longer experience 24/7 headaches! Thank you, Lacie! Shelly R., Outdoor Enthusiast 

For many years, I have lived with pain from TMJ disorder. After only one visit, my pain diminished and the horrible clicking in my jaw has noticeably gone down. Lacie has been trained in many techniques of Rolfing and my experience with her was virtually painless and well worth taking the time out of my day. I would recommend Bodyworks Rolfing to anyone who has pain and is looking to get rid of it.
Jacob B., Athlete & Artist

I went through the Rolfing Ten Series with Lacie and had a great experience. I gained a lot more awareness of my body – what was not working so well and what was doing really well – and how they were connected to each other. I feel like there is a lot more room in my body now. Room to breathe, room to move, room to let go. I love thinking that the “on-going” tension is now “ever-improving”. Throughout the series, Lacie was always well prepared. She is a caring and respectful practitioner with a light personality – very easy to be around. I do recommend Lacie and her work.
Andrea S., Businesswoman 

About me


Lacie Wortham, Certified Rolfer™

I was born and raised in Kenai, located in south central Alaska. I graduated from Kenai Central High School in 2009 and decided to continue my education by attending Fort Lewis College and Pacific Lutheran University where I studied Exercise Science and Athletic Training. As a way of helping others acquire a greater state of health and overall well-being, I decided to pursue a career as a Rolfer™. I graduated from the Rolf Institute® of Structural Integration in the spring of 2013 and later obtained my personal training certification through the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

Through my experience as a high school and collegiate athlete and with previous education in health and exercise science, I have obtained the knowledge that will continue to enhance my skills as a manual and movement therapist. My passion first arose after I sought Rolfing® from a local practitioner in Kenai who helped me overcome a sports related injury. I was amazed by how quickly I recovered and was able to get back to playing soccer. Since then, my passion for this work has continued to grow. I strive to help people feel better in their bodies and thus improving their overall quality of life.


My Certifications

Certifed RolferTM
Corrective Exercises Specialist NASM
Personal Trainer NASM

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